Spare Parts

We have a full range of Mechanical and Electrical Spare Parts available “Off The Shelf” and those not in stock will be sourced for you and ordered on the shortest available delivery lead time. The following are a sample of the type of spare parts available...


Alternators SMALL: 600watt to 12.5KVA Single & 2 Bearing for small generators and Grain Drying Machines.

Alternators LARGE: 5KVA to 2000KVA are not available off the Shelf and would need to be ordered. We will supply any make including: Marelli, Mecc Alte, Leroy Somer, FG Wilson, Stamford, Markon, Newage, CAT, Zanardi, NSM.

AVR's - Automatic Voltage Regulators Stamford/Newage/Markon: SX440, SX460, MX321 and MX341
Mecc Alte: SR7, RMC2 & UVR6
Leroy Somer: R230, R250, R438 and R448
FG Wilson: R230, R250, R438 and R448
Mecc Alte: M16FA655A & M40FA640A
Markon:MS2000 ,036-141,036-112, 036-245, 036-141, AVR 6A, AVR 9R, KR7F.
Sincro: B938(15)
Small Japanese & Chinese Generators: 2-5Kw
Roper AVRs: Reg 7, Reg 14, Reg 25BHP

BATTERIES: We supply a full range of 12V & 24V Heavy Duty Batteries, leads, terminals, lugs for all Makes of Generators.

BATTERY CHARGERS: We do a wide range of 12v & 24v Battery Chargers specifically designed for generator applications.
Capricorn: BCX03/24/230 & BCX03/12/230
Sentry 100- 230/12v & 115/12v & 230/24v
DSE Chargers: 9150 3A 12v, 9255 5A 24v, 9470 10A 24v
Fujian : 12-24v 5A, 6A & 10A

BATTERY CHARGING ALTERNATORS: We have a full range of “Running Spare” in battery charging alternators for Perkins, John Deere, Iveco, Deutz, Yanmar and Lister. Alternators not in stock may be ordered.

BRIUSHES: We have a variety of Brushes. Brush Arms and Brush Holders for Markon, Newage, Mecc Alte and some Welding Alternators.

CAPACITORS: We carry a full range of capacitors off the shelf
6.3mf, 8mf, 10mf, 12.5mf, 14mf, 16mf, 18mf, 20mf, 25mf, 30mf, 35mf,40mf,49mf, 50mf, 55mf, 60mf, 70mf, 100mf

CHANGE OVER PANELS & AUTO TRANSFER SWITCHES 60A – 2000A We provide a full range of Automatic and Manual Change Over Panels and ATS (Auto Transfer Switches) from 60A to 2000A to interface with any make or model of Generator.

DIODES - RECTIFIERS - VARISTORS We stock a full range of Rectifiers and Diodes for all makes and models of Generator.
Newage,Markon & Stamford: Series 1000,2000,3000,5000 and 6000
Marelli: M16FA6488, M22FA500B, M25F648B and M40FA500A
Markon: 036-113, STP.34.028
Leroy Somer, FG Wilson, Mecc Alte, CAT, EEC, Sincro etc

ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULES We stock & supply a large range of control modules for all makes and models of generators including the following makes... DSE (Deep Sea Electronics), VISA, SDMO, FG Wilson, Olympian, Stephill, MASE, MacGen, GenSet and CAT.

ENGINE PARTS AND ELECTRONIC GOVERNORS: We stock & supply a wide range of Engine parts including Electronic Governors, Electronic Governor Controllers, Magnetic Pick Ups, Temperature, Fuel and Lube Oil Senders, Shutdown Switches and Gauges, Hours run meters, Radiator Caps, Thermostats, EMI modules, Fuel Float Switches with or with gauges, fuel lines, fuel pipes, fuel fittings, relays, contactors, key switches, volt meters, frequency meters, amp meters, Amp C/Ts, fuses, fuse holders, lugs, crimps,

EXHAUST SILENCERS & ACCESSARIES: We stock and supply a full range of exhaust parts including silencers, flexible exhaust pipe, flexible bellows, exhaust pipes, exhaust 90’ bends, rain caps, Clamps, U bolts, heat resistant tape and blankets for wrapping exhaust systems.

FAN BELTS: We stock a wide range of Fan belts for a variety of Engines.

FILTERS We stock a wide range of Fuel, Lube oil, Water Separator and Air Filters of various brands to suit all makes of engines.
HEATERS – ENGINE - ALTERNATOR_- PANEL We provide and stock a wide range of Heater for Engines, Alternators and Panels. Our Engine Range of Heaters in clued 300watt Pad Type Heaters for Air Cooled engines and coolant heaters for water cooled engines including 500watt, 1000watt, 2500watt, 4000watt and 6000watt.

RUBBER A/V MOUNTS We have in stock a full range of Rubber A/V (anti vibration) Mounts to suit Engine Panels, Engines and Alternators. These mounts come in a variety of sizes and shapes with female threads or male threaded studs

STARTER MOTORS: We carry off the shelf a “Running” range of 12v and 24v Starter Motors for Perkins, John Deere, Kubota, Yanmar, Lister and Iveco engines. Starter Motors not in stock may be ordered as New or Re-condition units.