Electrogen has a range of generators from 2KVA – 2000KVA.

VISA Spa Generators: Industrial Range 9 - 2000KVA

Industrial Generators from 9- 2000KVA. Applications for Standby and Prime Power use in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Supermarkets, Shops, Petrol Stations, Airports, Prisons, Factories, Railway Stations & Signals, Telecom Installations, Computer & Software back up facilities.

VISA Spa Generators: Rental Range 30KVA – 300KVA

These generators are designed for Rental Fleets, Mobile Applications and building Sites.
The engines on these generators are all EU Stage III Emission compliant and the canopies and design are more robust for arduous duties and harsh conditions.

Stephill Generators: Domestic, Welfare & Building Site Applications 2KVA – 100KVA

These generators are designed for Domestic, Welfare & Building Site Applications from 2KVA – 100KVA for mobile and static installation. They have multi voltage facilities with outputs at 400V, 230V and 115V.

MASE Generators: Van/Truck mounted applications 2KVA – 19KVA

The Voyager Range of MASE Generators is designed for Vehicle installations. These generators may be installed into the side of a VAN/Truck or mounted underneath the chassis on Trucks or Trains where enough distance is available between the underneath of the generator and the ground. These generators are built into a Sound Attenuated Weatherproof Canopy with various options available for air flows and exhaust to accommodate the installation.

MASE Generators : Marine Applications 2KVA -186KVA

MASE Generators produce a range of Petrol & Diesel Generators for installations in Boats and Ships. These generators may be Air Cooled or Water Cooled with Heat Exchangers. The generators are built within Sound Attenuated Canopies to reduce on board noise level.

MASE PTO Generators: Farm applications from 8KVA – 90KVA

Mase generators produce a full range of single phase and 3 phase PTO generators for Farm Applications. These Generators come complete with Three Point Linkage Frames

MASE Welders Generators: 170A – 400A with 400v & 230v Aux Socket Outlets.

MASE Generators produce a complete range of Petrol and Diesel Generator Welders from 170A to 400A with AC 400V or 230V aux socket outlets. These generators may come as as static skid mounted, mobile units on trolley, site axles or fast road two trailers.