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Highly qualified specialists

Our team of more than 350 employees is committed to providing our customers with safe and timely freight service all over the globe. Our experienced management team works to ensure that every detail of our operations runs smoothly.

The Intersco Team is comprised of some of the best qualified managers and drivers in the industry. We can match your transportation needs and personal preferences of cargo delivery. Due to our team’s professionalism we are the best in the industry.

Why We’re Better

Our advantages


Being in the business for years, we have the top-grade trucks, refrigerators, containers and all other equipment.


Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their practical knowledge. We’re the best!


We know how crucial the timing for a trucking goods transportation is, so we work on a tight schedule!


Our prices make sense! That’s applicable both for the transportation trucking and all other services!

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New Standards of Quality in Logistics

24/7 Tracking

Freight tracking is a vital part of our shipping services, which we've enabled 24/7 per customers' requests.

All Seasons

As opposed to the competition, we ship even during the "slow season".

4 Types of Shipping

Truck, railroad, air and ocean shipping are our 4 main types of services.


Make sure that your shipment is packaged so that the items are secure and protected. Make sure that boxed/crated and palletized shipments are secured to the pallet with binding, strapping or shrink/stretch wrap.

Every box should be labeled. Each label should include the total pieces of your shipment. (example would be box 1 of 8). Our driver will not load or unload the shipment. If the driver is required to go inside (beyond the front door or loading dock) to pick up or deliver a load, additional fees will apply. If you need any additional information on cargo transfer, please contact us.

We can handle most oversized and overweight shipments. Please call our sales representative ahead so we can make arrangements with our preferred network of specialized freight carriers to ensure safe and on time delivery.
A standard procedure for shipping freight is when a truck driver backs up to a loading dock for the shipment to be loaded by the shipper and then driving that shipment to the destination loading dock to be unloaded by the consignee. Other services required are additional and they are called accessorials.
You can call or email us at any time for prompt information about a particular shipment, including its current delivery status and location.

We will do our best to get your freight on time and when promised but please be aware that situations arise to accidents, weather conditions, and traffic.

If your shipment is not ready when the driver gets there you will be responsible to pay waiting time. Any failed shipping delivery attempt will be assessed a fee by the carrier. Another synerial could be that the driver will not wait and will be dispatched to come out again the next day and you will be charged for a duplicate pick up. Make sure your freight is ready when you schedule a pick up to prevent any additional shipping charges.
Providing quality service in all of our operations is very important. This is reflected in our high on-time and damage-free deliveries. All processes impacting the quality of our North American trucking services and customers is outlined in our work standards.
Items should be packed in cardboard boxes and placed on skids. Each box should have a sticker on it with the description of the contents inside and the quantity. Skids should be shrink wrapped tight so the boxes don't move when transported.
You can obtain a proof of delivery by calling our customer service (see Contacts page).
We ship not only all over the US but also to other countries of the world. Our main freight service areas in USA are Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri.

Careers and vacancies

Senior Truck Driver Coach

Passing your skills on to other drivers can be a very rewarding experience! So if you're the type who likes to teach people everything they need to know to succeed behind the wheel, this just may be the right career for you. Here's what you'll need to do to get there:

  • Be ready to help our drivers
  • Have a will to teach and study
  • Have a truck driving license for 3 years or more
  • Not to be banned from driving

Driving Department Supervisor

As a Driving Dept Supervisor, you'll be the person behind the drivers every minute of their journey. Everyone will be looking to you for your advice, opinions and thoughts. That includes drivers, managers, executives and clients. You'll have to:

  • Ensure drivers meet all requirements
  • Pay attention to drivers’ needs
  • Supervise employees transporting cargo
  • Be familiar with a variety of the field's concepts

Intersco Fleet Manager

As a Fleet Manager, you'll be in charge of perhaps one of the most important things that a trucking company needs to do business – trucks and trucking equipment. They're yours to manage and maintain. This job will require the following responsibilities:

  • Make sure that equipment is always available
  • Ensure that appropriate licenses are maintained
  • Keep track of all specialized equipment
  • Be informed about trucks availability